Exhibition Design

The permanent exhibit at the Maryknoll Center in Ossining, NY attempts to explicate the lives of Maryknoll Missioners in the world today. Located in a renovated room with a theatre designed by Frank Visconti AIA, the individual and interactive pieces of the exhibit break down the global subject into distinct categories: “Faces Of Our World”, a kiosk of facial images, “The Missioner’s Call”, a cylindrical display of Missioners’ quotes, “One World, One Mission”, an interactive computer station with access to in depth information, “A Hungry World”, a horizontal circular screen with kaleidoscopic images projected from above, “The World Of Faith”, a framework that constantly changes as visitors leave prayer cards behind, “The World Celebrates”, three separate booths that allow private viewing of ritual and celebration videos, and “The Call To Action”, a flat vitrine that allows the reading of sacred texts. Curator Rodney Swanger created the multi media displays that reside in the various furniture structures.