Kim Sammis


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About INEX design

INEX design projects represent a synthesis of over twenty years of experience in building design and construction and reflect Kim’s unique background in architecture, theater, museums and teaching. With skills that can solve problems from large to small; from full house renovations and additions, kitchen and bath makeovers, furniture selection, lighting solutions, and color transformation, to the artistic arrangement of tiny objects on a shelf, INEX design can satisfy spatial and functional needs drawing inspiration and expertise from many sources. Each project ultimately represents a client’s lifestyle, desires and comfort. Whether it’s contemporary or traditional design or an intelligent mixture, INEX is able to help define a vision through a collaborative process to achieve goals with efficiency, economy and perhaps some fun throughout the process.

About Kim Sammis

Kim’s passion for the manipulation of space, color, lighting, and textiles in design and building projects was born in her work as the Set Designer for Boston Children’s Theater and other small theater companies in the Boston area after receiving a degree in theater arts and English from Wellesley College. The hands on work developed her skills in carpentry, painting and deadline driven creative solutions. Kim subsequently took a master’s degree in architecture at MIT and held a series of positions with firms in Boston, Chicago and Washington designing and managing residential and commercial projects. While developing her technical knowledge and aesthetic vision, Kim taught as an adjunct professor in college and graduate programs. These experiences helped refine her ability to communicate design ideas and collaborate with others. As Coordinator of Construction at The Art Institute of Chicago, Kim managed projects ranging from major renovations to exhibition installations, organizing teams comprised of curators, contractors and notable architects. Kim established INEX design in 2005. The INEX portfolio includes house additions, interior landscapes, kitchens, exhibit spaces, art arrangements and many color, finishes and furnishings renovations. Enjoy.